Bhutan Trekking Trips

The typical world of culture and bio diversity Bhutan offers Bhutan trekking holidays around Massive Himalayas. Trekking in Bhutan is mixture of gem atmosphere forlorn trails that challenge explanation. Bhutan adventure trails guides throughout alpine pastures, rhododendron jungles and beyond the hills covered by white snows, bright green basins and Sparkler ponds.

Acknowledge the mixture of flora and faunas through the flora and faunas. Most of the decorated Bhutan trek goes above 9,000ft (3,000m) to 18,000ft (6,000m) altitude. Bhutan trekking presents explore the Bhutan’s insights to the public, the traditions, cultures, customs and religions as well as the environmental science of the country. Bhutan trekking holidays is vision to acknowledge the exclusive architectural magnificences of the Dzong, monasteries and cultural Bhutanese homes and observe some fascinating spiritual events.    

& experience a hidden culture that was almost lost to the world…..

Bhutan Trekking Trips

Chomalhari TrekkingChomalhari Trekking

This close rough country trekking offers a great mixture of holiday’s circumstances. Starting with isolated farm fields and pine jungles to alpine meadow land and massive Himalayan sceneries. The most comfortable and surely ..... >>More

Druk Path TrekkingDruk Path Trekking
High in the clouds of the majestic Himalaya Mountains lies the enchanting kingdom of Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon. This tiny landlocked state.. More

SnowMan TrekkingSnowMan Trekking

The log trip to Bhutan and quire forbidden nation, still limited number of visitors exploring the country to preserve the heritage sites, traditions, preservation of Nature wealth as well as beauty is still always in main concern of the natio ... More

Bumthang TrekkingBumthang Trekking

Above the clouds of the massive mountains situated around the kingdom of Bhutan and the land of thunder dragon.. More