Our Team

Well come to our operation team & Nepal trekking guide!!!

Many things are possible in a Team work as we consider net work is important to get success. We judge, joint effort is well confidence for any one, who works his or her skills and potential. Our operation group is a hard wsorking team and always aware of your safety and satisfactions as we believe satisfactory service generates additional marketing opportunities.

Over the years, we have learnt how to give our guests the experience of holidays that last for a lifetime.

We all are equal as we are Nepal Treking Guide, no matter who is founder, Director, Manager, Guide, Cook, Sardar or Porters as we are service provider for our valued clients. Since we founded Adventure Discovery Treks & Expeditions (p) Ltd we have experienced to effort in a team. The key of our achievement dissimilar then other are our working team and satisfactory service.

We make your unfeasible dreams true in the Nepal Himalayas. Let’s connect with us for amazing episode to this massive Himalayan country in the planet.  

Dipendra Adhikari
(Managing Director)

Dipendra Adhikari"Satisfactory service creates further marketing opportunity "

I have been Administration director or creator of Nepal’s trekking, tour and mountaineering company Adventure Discovery Treks (p). Ltd, I started my carrier in Tourism in 2001. I have led victorious treks and climbs around massive Himalayas over the last 10 years as a trekking guide in Nepal. After schooling directly I involved in tourism as a trekking porter & guide. I started Adventure Discovery Treks Company to provide satisfactory services to Nepal visitors.

As I collected my experiences with together walking with trekkers around Nepal Himalaya meantime also I found the tourists needs, expectations while they are traveling in Nepal. As myself have been several countries like, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, UAE, as a traveler I can understand the travelers requirements. Today being managing director of this company and started my carrier as porter and guide, I am very much proud myself that I can present needed right information to visitors. It’s my enthusiasm to guide trekkers from across the planet.

I always believe satisfactory service creates additional marketing opportunity. I am very much thank full to all my clients and company team members who has done amazing work to stand this company in this position.

Rabindra Adhikari- Rabi

"Provide the best service with reasonable cost and make life time relation with clients is our motto."

RabindraSince I finished schooling (Until class ten in Nepal) at 16, I started my career in Tourism on 2005 starting as trekking porter and gradually facing many obstacles and turns of life to become a Trek guide in Nepal. I have led hundreds of clients around Nepal Himalaya. Today, I am standing as a director of Adventure Discovery Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd.. Whenever my past memories are recalled, I look into my future as the past experiences and hard work had formed me in a better position now and yes…definitely into future! Since inception of Adventure Discovery Treks I have been handling trek, tour and climbing depart.

I have graduated in sociology and anthropology but trekking is my passion! I have grown up in the place where the mountains are only few hours walking destance. After 6 years of experience in trekking and tour field then I thought why I shouldn’t start own my company? A company that provides satisfactory service with reasonable cost to my valued clients. As I am also the one who loves traveling and respect other travelers. To be a good tour operator; one’s needs to be traveler himself so that he can identify the travelers needs, interests and expectations. It has been 3 years I have been running this Trekking Company.

During this period, I have met varieties of people from the globe & and I am sure they are more than happy to share their memorable experience in Nepal with the Adventure Discovery Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. I highly appreciate your kind support and I am enthusiastic to welcome more travelers in the near future!

Gopal thapa Gopal thapa.
Date of birth: 1981.
Occupation: - Trekking and Nepal Climbing Guide.
Language: - English, Hindi and Nepali.
Gov. License No: - 3606.

Born in 1981 in the Dhading district of Nepal, Gopal started trekking field after his intermediary studies. He is trained trekking guide since 2004, having skills of plentiful trekking around the Nepal Himalayan region like Annapurna, Everest, langtang, Tsum valley, kanchanjunga etc. His friendly beehive and responsibly working style has recommended by every client to us. He speaks well English, Hindi other then Nepali language. He is good at looking after the guests and taking care of their requires. He has wide knowledge of Nepal, its traditions, ethnicity, place and citizens.   

Shanta Kumar BaniyaShanta Kumar Baniya
Date of birth: - 1980
Occupation: - Nepal Trekking Guide.
Language: - English, Japanese, Hindi and Nepali.
Gov. License No.:- 3212

Shanta Kumar Baniya is government license holder and experienced trekking and hiking Guide around Nepal.  He started his carrier in tourism on 2002. He is known as very friendly and helpful as well as the best service provider guide. He well knew every trekking trail in Nepal.

Dhurba BhattaDhurba Bhatta
Date of Birth: - 1983
Occupation: - Tour and Trekking Guide.
Language: - English, Hindi, French and Nepali.
Gov. License No.:- 3713

Dhurba Bhatta is the trekking guide and tour guide too. He is government certify tour and trekking guide. He has excellent knowledge of history, cultures, trekking routes and mountains of Nepal. Having excellent knowledge of all expect he is known as most honest and respectful guide.

Sashi Adhikari Sashi Adhikari
Date of Birth: - 1986
Occupation: - Nepal Trekking Guide
Language: - English, Hindi and Nepali.
Gov. License No.:- 4578.
Sashi Adhikari of 26 is one of the most intelligent trekking guides. He has been involving in tourism field since 2005. Started as porter today he is standing as most informative and excellent knowledgeable trekking Guide in our company.  He loves his passion and we are proud of his working skills.

Nabin Adhikari Nabin Adhikari
Date of Birth: - 1988
 Occupation: - Trekking Guide
Language: - English, Hindi and Nepali
Gov. License No.: - 6103

Nabin Adhikari is the young and energetic guide in our company but his way of providing service and way of sharing knowledge about Nepal is recommended. He has been guiding around Nepal Himalaya since 2008. He always aware of his duty and responsibilities.

Chandra NakarmiChandra Nakarmi.
Date of Birth: - 1974
Occupation: - Trekking Guide
Language: - English, Hindi and Nepali
Gov. license no. : - 2673

Chandra Nakarmi is the most experienced guide of our Company he has been involving and providing satisfactory service since 1996. His honesty, friendly beehive and route knowledge surely makes your holiday comfortable and memorable. He is well known Name among the travelers to Nepal.